Sep 6, 2008

A few new pics of the little rugrat

Just thought I'd post a few new pics of the little rugrat. It's amazing how quickly they change.
I just love this one of her sleeping.

And I had to post a picture of Sienna in this adorable outfit. I love it! (Thanks, Goldie!)

Could it get any sweeter? I love that she sleeps with her arms straight up. So cute.

Dan and I are kind of mean and love to tease her. Most of the time she thinks she is starving and just attacks the binky. She does the same thing when I try to kiss her and just attacks my lips, trying to nurse. My sister-in-law thought it was so funny and took this picture.

Sienna and Grandma Hanson


Suzy Fackrell said...

I just got to your blog through Sunny's and had to tell you congrats on your darling baby girl! She is so beautiful! It almost makes me want to try another time just to get a girl!
Congratulations! I hope all is going well.

Katie said...

LOL, I love that! I used to call Mia my little baby bird because when I would kiss her she would open her mouth! You look great Holly, and Miss Sienna is a doll!

Jadie said...

I heart my little niece!

eli&joelynn said...

cutest little chickadee!

Anonymous said...

Holly, she is AMAZING! She looks so stinkin' cute in that little outfit I got. Oh, I want to hold her!!!