Jun 30, 2011

Introducing Lucas "Luke" Daniel Dixon

Lucas "Luke" Daniel Dixon 
Born June 20th, 2011 5:40 p.m. 
American Fork Hospital

I'll post more details and pics later, but here's some of my favorites that my good friend Emily Van Dyke took while we were still in the hospital.  I love them!  (Nevermind the fact that I'm still in my hospital gown looking ever so hot!)

Tomorrow's the big day!

I'm getting induced tomorrow. It's crazy to know exactly when this baby is coming.  I can't wait to meet this little guy!  It's so crazy to me how different each of my pregnancies has been.  This time  week 4-26 were so incredibly miserable for me, with no relief from the morning-noon-and-night sickness, but then the last couple of months have been so much better than my last pregnancy.  With Sienna I had such bad ligament pain (which started at week 19, right as the morning sickness ended) that it hurt just to walk, and that lasted until I delivered. I also had horrible back pain and had to see a chiropractor every week for the last several months of my pregnancy.  I probably could have stood to go to the chiropractor the last couple of weeks, but this time it's been much more bearable.  And really it's only been the last couple of weeks that I've gotten really uncomfortable. Now I feel the stabbing ligament pains and feel like this kiddo is going to fall out of me when I walk, but I'm grateful it's only lasted a couple of weeks this time around.  I guess the trade off has been being diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I didn't have it with Sienna, but this pregnancy 2 out of the 4 glucose tests came out 7 points above normal, so they treated me for gestational diabetes.  I've had to be super careful with my diet, balancing my carbs evenly throughout the day and have had to check my blood sugar 4 times a day.  I am grateful that I have been able to maintain normal blood sugars with just diet and exercise and didn't have to take any pills or insulin.  It was super daunting when I was first diagnosed.  I read the risk factors associated with gestational diabetes--preclampsia, premature baby, stillborn baby, having diabetes later in life, baby having diabetes, 9+ pound baby.  Pretty scary list.  But my dietician and doctors were  quick to reassure me that if I was really careful and able to keep my blood sugars within the normal range, then all those risks go away and I'm at the same risk as anyone else. I've had to check my blood sugar (finger prick and all) four times a day for the last few months, and have  been able to keep my blood sugars under control, which hopefully means we will have a healthy baby boy!  And hopefully once this baby comes life will go back to normal!   Stay tuned!