Jul 8, 2011

Don't want to forget....

Our little Sienna has turned into quite the creative little thing.  She has an incredible imagination (and memory) and is totally into story telling these days.  She has lots of imaginary friends, including a dragon who lives downstairs.  She has names for all her friends/dolls/animals.  It's hilarious because she makes up these names that I've never heard of.  I've jotted down just a few of them--Kika, Asha, Shalla (her baby doll), Shamdem (her bear), Shassa (her duck), Alla, Anna, Buffola, Zulee....  Where did this kid come from?  She's so funny.

Here's a few funny things she has said recently.....
-"I was a superhero when I was two years old."
-"When I'm a superhero I lift heavy things over walls."
-"Mom, I sorgot to tell you somesing" (sorgot is forgot)
-"Mom, will you say sorry to me?"  "Why do I need to say sorry to you?" "Because you hurt my feelings." (I get this just about every day. She's a little drama queen).  "How did I hurt your feelings?" "Because you put a baby diaper on me."  (She thinks she's a big girl when she wears a pull up).

Sienna has adjusted so much better than I anticipated since we came home from the hospital.  She just can't get enough of Luke and is such a good big sister.  She is now sleeping in her "big girl" bed and has stayed in bed every night since we put her in it. She even still takes her naps, so we are grateful.  I've heard so many horror stories about transitioning from the crib to the bed, but so far, so good!  She is a great little helper and loves giving Luke hugs and kisses.  She'll say, "Mom, Luke wants to hold me."   It's so cute.   She's really sweet and tender with him.