Jun 28, 2010

Great quote!

"If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present....Gratefully." ~ Maya Angelou

I just read this and had to share.  I hadn't heard it before....good stuff! 

Jun 16, 2010

A few new faves

I just snapped this tonight and I'm in love with it. I love that little smirk on her face.

Sienna's new BFF "Baby" (who is now surgically attached to her arm). "Mommy, baby needs a bib...baby's hungry....baby needs to go potty.....change baby's diaper....baby's thirsty..." A little annoying at times, but super cute. Baby has to sit in the highchair next to her for every meal.
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Jun 4, 2010

Chatter Box

It's been awhile since I did an update on Sienna and I don't want to forget all these fun little facts about my baby girl.  Sienna is now 21 months old.  She is at a really fun stage (despite the tantrums).  12-18 months was much harder for me.  I think it helps that she's able to communicate so much better.  On Mother's Day Sienna was sitting at the table at my in-laws.  She peaked across the table at my niece Taylor and said "I can see you!".  It was so cute.  Since then she has been talking in sentences non-stop.  It's amazing how quickly things can change in just a few weeks. It's so cute.  Her favorites are "I wanna hold you" (she manipulates me into getting her down from the highchair this way, since it's so cute.  She doesn't really want to hold me, she just wants down) and "wanna hold your hand," "Wanna go outside," "Don't want to," "I'm hungry," "Wanna watch a show," "I want shoes on," "help you," "I'm a big girl," "wanna go downstairs".  She will repeat anything we say, and most of the time, you can understand her. It's pretty fun.  Now I just gotta watch what I say!

What else?

  • She calls cereal "ceri" and says "hap" for hat. 
  • Her favorite show is Micky Mouse, which makes me so sad since I would much rather watch Backyardigans.  I'm in love with that show.  
  • She also just started tiptoeing and sneaking up on people to tickle them.  She tiptoes so dramatically and practially does a full-on squat with each step.  
  • Sienna has never been a huge cuddler, but she loves to give kisses and will give cuddles and loves to be "sqeezed".  
  • She's still a ridiculously picky eater, and is basically a vegetarian. What kid doesn't like mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pizza, etc? Oh, mine. She won't touch them.  At least she eats fruits and veggies, right? (And she loves milk and most breads).  She ate anything until she turned one, so I'm hoping it's a stage she'll grow out of.  
  • She loves sweets, and will down any kind of dessert.  She loves to get snacks of anyone she can find in sacrament meeting. 
  • Still obsessed with her lovey and her binky.  I know I need to start weening the binky, but it makes her so happy and it makes my life easier, so I'm lacking motivation. 
  • Sienna is a lover of all things girly--shoes, purses, dolls, makeup, clothes, jewelry, chocolate...
  • She LOVES to color and read. Her current favorite books are "Goodnight Moon," "That's Not My Monster," "Princess Baby," "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" and "Just the Way You Are".  
  • She still loves phones, and will chitchat on the phone (pretend or real) for ages.  
  • I can't wait until we have our yard in, since this girl LOVES to be outside. I also can't wait for our community pool to be completed, since she's a little fish. 
  • She also recently started saying prayers.  For awhile she would just fold her arms and babble as you prayed, but now we can help her say prayers. Sometimes she loses interest but always screams "amen!" at the top of her lungs when we're done.  
  • She loves nursery and playing with friends. 

Anyway, that's a little bit about our girl.  I'll post some recent pics later. Sienna challenges me in ways I never thought possible (especially at 1 1/2!) yet she brings more joy into our lives than we ever thought possible.  I can hardly remember life before she came along and I can't imagine our lives without that cute little rugrat!

Junk in her Trunk

My friend Brooke's little guy was swimming when we stopped by the other day, so of course Sienna jumped in with her clothes on.  I stripped her down to just her diaper and let her get in for a few minutes.  I've never seen a diaper fill up with so much water, she had so much junk in that little trunk that the tabs on the side looked more like a string bikini.  She and Boston would stand up and "shake it".  I love that Brooke got some pics.  It was awesome.