May 18, 2008

While I'm on a roll....

I just feel like I haven't had any time to do anything for myself, let alone take time to update my I'm taking advantage of a quiet night! Anyway, just thought I'd give a quick update on the pregnancy. I'm 28 weeks, which means I'm now officially in my third trimester. I feel huge! (And being so short-waisted doesn't help since she really had nowhere to go!) Anyway, I had another ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (since I've been having so much pain, they just want to make sure that my cervix isn't thinning at all) and everything still looks great. Baby is healthy and everything looks right on track, so that is encouraging. A few weeks ago I had 4-5 days of not having any pain when I walked and I was loving it. I even was able to do the eliptical at the gym and not hurt. I was totally excited that maybe the baby has moved around and ligaments were done stretching and I was going to feel ok for a little while. It was fun while it lasted, because now the pain is back, along with alot of back pain. Good times, good times! I just started seeing a chiropractor, and that really seems to be helping the back pain, so I'm optimistic. And I just keep reminding myself, no matter how painful it is, nothing is worse than feeling like you're going to throw up 24 hours a day, so I'm much rather feel this than morning sickness anyday. It's pretty crazy to feel the baby moving so much. I love it (except for tonight when she was up in my ribs and I couldn't even breathe!). For so long it just felt like I was a fish bowl and I had a guppie swimming around inside of me. That is not the case anymore, there is definitely is a little person in there. Whenever she's moving and kicking like crazy and I wonder what in the world she is doing and Dan will say, "Oh, it's so obvious. She's kickboxing!". He bought me a cute maternity tank top for the beach that says "Mama's little kicker" on the belly. He loves feeling her kick, which she seems to be doing all the time these days! It's like she's just reminding us that she's there! (As if I could forget!) I'm just starting to get all registered for baby stuff and baby showers are coming, which is alot of fun. I had one at work already and got some really cute stuff. I'm really having to be exercise my self-control these days and avoid the baby section at Target because I just want to buy all the adorable girl clothes! Any tips on registering do's and don'ts? Any recommendations for favorite things or "must-haves"? I'd love any help from the pros! ;)

Time is flying...

...and it's so sad!! Dan and I are going to be moving to Utah at the end of June. Dan has a job that he's really excited about and both of our families are there within 40 minutes of each other. We can live in his parents basement apartment (rent-free) and actually save for a house, we'll have grandma's and grandpa's nearby, free babysitting, friends that we'll actually get to spend quality time with, the list goes on.... On paper, it all makes sense, but man, it's still so hard to imagine leaving. We just love it here, and I think always kind of thought we'd stay. We love living close to the beach, we love the weather, the people, our it's just hard to say goodbye to it all. As much as I love Utah, I feel like I'm giving up the dream! ;) Change is always so hard for me, even when I know it's a good thing. I just started counting the weekends that we have left and it's amazing how quickly time is flying. Dan is actually going to be going to Utah for a couple of weeks in June even before we move to work, so that's kind of crazy. We'll be packing up and heading out about 5 weeks before I'm due! I know it will all work out, but it's all a bit overwhelming right now. We're just trying to live up the time that we have left here in Southern California. This weekend we went with some friends to Balboa Island. It was such a perfect night. I wish I would've take some fun pictures, but the only one I took is of the guys and isn't worth posting!

We had a really great dinner at a restaurant called Ciao Italian Eatery, got dessert (yummy Balboa bars and frozen chocolate dipped bananas from Dad's) and walked around the island. It so easy to get comfortable and take so much for granted living in such a great place, where there are so many cool things to see and do. I told Dan that the only way I would move is if he promised that we would have a family vacation to Southern California every single year, which he agreed to. Lucky for him, or else I'd be staying!

What happens in Vegas.....

Several weeks ago I went with four of my good friends (Chelsey Christensen, Amber Wilding, Christy Sparks & Sarah Hoagland) on a Girl's Trip to Las Vegas. This one was long overdue! We all either went to Utah State together or moved to California together, so we go back quite a few years! Unfortunately everyone but Chels has given up the dream and moved back to Utah, so we don't get to see each other as often as we would like to. We stayed at a great condo resort--the Wyndham Desert Resort. It's a non-smoking, non-gaming condo resort, with really nice suites and beautiful pools and grounds. We had such so much fun--staying up late catching up, lounging by the pool (loved hangin' out in my fatty maternity swimsuit next to a bunch of skinny minnies!), eating out at fabulous restaurants, shopping at the outlets and on the strip, going to see Stomp, seeing a chick flick, the works! Needless the say it was a fabulous time! Since Amber, Sarah and Chel all have kids, I will say that I learned entirely too much about the joys of labor (and the fun that follows!). Poor Christy...After this trip, I don't think she'll ever wants to get married or have children! Anyway, here's some favorite pics from the trip.
Christy, Chels, Amber, Sarah & me!
(I'm a big fan of these head shots, rather than the full body shots these days!)

Just a shot of the girls on the strip Me & Sarah in front of the fountains at Ceasar's Palace
These are some pics from dinner at Hash House A Go-Go. They have one in Vegas and one in San Diego. If you haven't gone, you have to check this place out. Just look at the size of these plates!!! For dessert we had Andy's famous bread pudding. It had a snickers bar melted in the middle of it. Are you kidding me? It was serious gluttony. Delicious!

Amber & Me

Chels, Christy & Sarah

Here's a couple pics of the amazing creations from our dinner!!
Oh, and did I forget to mention that Amber and McDreamy got hitched while we were in Vegas!? Sh....don't tell Greg!

Chel's big winnings! (I think this was for 60 cents!)
Shopping, shopping & more shopping!

Christy & Sarah in front of the Eiffel Tower!

May 9, 2008

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

I just found out that tomorrow, Saturday May 10 is the national Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers. Simply place non-perishable food next to your mailbox tomorrow. Your letter carrier will pick it up and deliver to your local food bank. It's an awesome and easy way to make a difference! Please visit their website for more info or contact your local post office to confirm their participation.

May 6, 2008

The big 3-0!

On my birthday one of my good friend's Christy was in town, so she and her friend Kim took me to breakfast at Sugar Shack and for a pedicure. Come on, ladies, is there really a better way to start your birthday!? Then we hit the beach, had some tasty frozen yogart and ended the night with the bonfire/bbq at the beach. Dan was awesome and planned a little beach bonfire birthday bash, complete with dutch oven cobbler for dessert! Ok, it was actually a "little" bonfire, it was huge. Dan went a little overboard with the bonfire and created a monster! He was lovin' it and was so proud, while the rest of us had to move back our chairs so our eye lashes wouldn't melt off! Anyway, it was such a beautiful day--perfect weather, an amazing sunset and filled with good times! Thanks to everyone who spoiled me and helped make my birthday such a great day! I took a few pics, but unfortunately didn't get very many good group shots and I didn't take any pictures during the day. So sad! Next time...