May 18, 2008

What happens in Vegas.....

Several weeks ago I went with four of my good friends (Chelsey Christensen, Amber Wilding, Christy Sparks & Sarah Hoagland) on a Girl's Trip to Las Vegas. This one was long overdue! We all either went to Utah State together or moved to California together, so we go back quite a few years! Unfortunately everyone but Chels has given up the dream and moved back to Utah, so we don't get to see each other as often as we would like to. We stayed at a great condo resort--the Wyndham Desert Resort. It's a non-smoking, non-gaming condo resort, with really nice suites and beautiful pools and grounds. We had such so much fun--staying up late catching up, lounging by the pool (loved hangin' out in my fatty maternity swimsuit next to a bunch of skinny minnies!), eating out at fabulous restaurants, shopping at the outlets and on the strip, going to see Stomp, seeing a chick flick, the works! Needless the say it was a fabulous time! Since Amber, Sarah and Chel all have kids, I will say that I learned entirely too much about the joys of labor (and the fun that follows!). Poor Christy...After this trip, I don't think she'll ever wants to get married or have children! Anyway, here's some favorite pics from the trip.
Christy, Chels, Amber, Sarah & me!
(I'm a big fan of these head shots, rather than the full body shots these days!)

Just a shot of the girls on the strip Me & Sarah in front of the fountains at Ceasar's Palace
These are some pics from dinner at Hash House A Go-Go. They have one in Vegas and one in San Diego. If you haven't gone, you have to check this place out. Just look at the size of these plates!!! For dessert we had Andy's famous bread pudding. It had a snickers bar melted in the middle of it. Are you kidding me? It was serious gluttony. Delicious!

Amber & Me

Chels, Christy & Sarah

Here's a couple pics of the amazing creations from our dinner!!
Oh, and did I forget to mention that Amber and McDreamy got hitched while we were in Vegas!? Sh....don't tell Greg!

Chel's big winnings! (I think this was for 60 cents!)
Shopping, shopping & more shopping!

Christy & Sarah in front of the Eiffel Tower!


Daniel Olson Family said...

That looks like you guys had alot of fun! And that food looks amazing! I guess I will have to try it next time I go to Vegas!

Katie said...

How fun! That food looks amazing! Deeelish!