Oct 20, 2007

Jake Sim (...and his parents!)

Isn't this kid so cute?! Here's a few pics of The Sim family....well, mostly of Jake! :)

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Oct 17, 2007

Avery's shrine

I couldn't help but post pictures of our favorite little rugrat Avery Hoagland. We love this girl! (Don't you just love that 2nd picture of her...I think it's hilarious! Sorry, Sarah, I had to post it!)

Go Redskins

Yes, it's true. Dan makes me wear a Redskins jersey during the games. He really thinks it makes a difference. Poor kid.....

Happy birthday, Dan!!!

For Dan's birthday on September 14th we went to our favorite restaurant Lazy Dog Cafe with some of our good friends. We then went over to the Sims and ate cake & icecream and played games. Here's Dan and the girls! (And Stephanie looking excited!)

Amber Sim Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for one of my good friends Amber Sim. It was the perfect baby shower-- lots of chocolate, no cheesy games, presents and good friends! We also had it at the perfect party house (Laura Peterson's). We sat around the firepit in her newly landscaped backyard and ate dessert! It was such a fun night!

Oct 16, 2007


We went with some of Dan's family (Debi & Jared Lee, Jeff Dixon & the Pearson gang) and some friends to the BYU vs UCLA game. We drove up in the afternoon and BBQ'd, tailgated and had a great time. Despite the BYU loss, it was still a good game and a good times!

Oct 14, 2007

Nelly's mission farewell

I was able to go home in March and spend some time with Janelle before she left on her mission for Prague. Dan wasn't able to come, so we ended up having a fun girl's weekend. Here's a picture at Janelle's farewell. The other is a picture of the fam at CPK for Dad's birthday.

Roger & Deanne's trip to So Cal

Dan's sister and her husband, Jared and Dan and I bought tickets for Dan's mom (for her birthday) to come to Laguna Beach to see the Pageant of the Masters. It was alot of fun to have them here. This is all of us at dinner at Javier's at Irvine Spectrum. We love this place!

Hanson Family photo

This is the most recent Hanson family photo from New Year's 2007. We were all sick with the flu and had to cancel our family pictures (I even ended up in the emergency room on New Year's Eve day because I kept passing out). Since Janelle was leaving on her mission and we knew it would be awhile before we would get the chance to have another family photo, we had the neighbor come over and take a few shots of the family in front of my parents new house. No too bad....for a bunch of sick people!

Just to make you all jealous!

These are some favorite pictures I've taken of Huntington Beach sunsets. This is one of the many things I love about living so close to the beach!

Abandoned by all our friends!

Basically Dan and I have been abandoned by our best friends. We really miss the Hatch's, the Hoagland's & the Syed's. The jerks...


Labor day weekend 2007, Dan and I met up with my brothers Rob & Brad and a big group from Utah to backpack into Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. This place is really incredible. You pack everything in about 10 miles. You'd think it's nothing but redrock and desert, but then you get there and find these incredible, amazing waterfalls to play in all day. It's such a fun time!

Lake Arrowhead Triathlon

Dan competed in his 2nd Triathlon this summer. He and a bunch of guys in the ward did the Lake Arrowhead Triathlon. His parents were in town, so we all went up the Lake Arrowhead for the weekend to cheer the boys on. He did great!

Summer 2007

Summer just flew by. We had a great time while it lasted. Here's a few pictures from this summer. We had a great time at Ventura Beach for a belated anniversary weekend. It's such a cool little town. We stayed at the Marriot right on the beach, had great seafood and watched some beautiful sunsets. The Orange County Fair was another favorite...who doesn't love the rodeo, deep fried snickers and fennel cakes!? Redondo Beach is another place we've discovered (that we wish we would've long ago!). We also found some really cool places to go hiking (it's pretty cool to be hiking in a canyon with an ocean view!)


Happy birthday to me!

My parents flew out for my birthday in April, which was alot of fun. Dan and my parents were in kahootz (great word, eh!?) and surprised me with tickets to see Wicked in L.A. I loved having them here! This is us in L.A. at my favorite place Diddy Reese, which is where you can get an incredible icecream sandwich....for $1.50! You can't beat it!

Go Beach!

So this is bit overdue, but in May I graduated with my Masters degree in Social Work from California State University Long Beach. Yea! So glad to be done. Here's a couple of pics. One of me and my bearded husband and one of me and some of my classmates.