Oct 14, 2007

Hanson Family photo

This is the most recent Hanson family photo from New Year's 2007. We were all sick with the flu and had to cancel our family pictures (I even ended up in the emergency room on New Year's Eve day because I kept passing out). Since Janelle was leaving on her mission and we knew it would be awhile before we would get the chance to have another family photo, we had the neighbor come over and take a few shots of the family in front of my parents new house. No too bad....for a bunch of sick people!


Sunny said...

Hey Holly! Welcome to the blogging world. This will be fun to keep in touch. I miss you! Looks like you are doing well. You are such a babe!!!

Baltzer Family said...

Holly! Your blog is already so full and fun! I loved seeing your family you are all so cute!