Dec 8, 2008

December happenings...

These pics are from my work Christmas party. Wait, I probably haven't given a work update yet, have I? A good friend of mine from college, Kim Ryan, is a social worker for a Harmony Home Health & Hospice and she and the other social worker are pretty swamped, so she talked to her boss about hiring a part-time social worker to help out. I started about a month ago and so far it's been great. I work from home, the pay is good, and I schedule my own hours so it's super flexible. Dan's work is flexible too, so he's been able to take her to work for a morning every week, then between Dan's mom, sister-in-law and a couple of close friends the schedule is working out great. Although I hadn't worked in hospice before, I had worked in a skilled nursing facilitiy and also with cancer patients at UCI, so those jobs have really have helped with the learning curve! Our Christmas party was in downtown SLC at the Wells Fargo building, on the 23rd floor. It was really nice. We had Sienna with us and weren't prepared to hike all over temple square in the freezing cold, but we did a drive by. You can see I took a couple of pics of the temple (out of the sunroof!). Neither turned out great, but fun to see some of the lights!

Me & Kim
Sienna in her adorable Christmas dress (one of the FOUR my mom bought to choose from!)

The fam at the Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band Christmas Concert! We missed you Jeff, Carolyn and the boys and Nelly!

Just because she's cute

I went to dinner with some of my close girlfriends a few weeks ago to celebrate Christy's birthday (which was on November 17th). We ate at the Bohemian in Midvale--super tasty! Happy birthday, Christy! Love your guts! (I still can't believe it's been 13 years!)