Jun 16, 2010

A few new faves

I just snapped this tonight and I'm in love with it. I love that little smirk on her face.

Sienna's new BFF "Baby" (who is now surgically attached to her arm). "Mommy, baby needs a bib...baby's hungry....baby needs to go potty.....change baby's diaper....baby's thirsty..." A little annoying at times, but super cute. Baby has to sit in the highchair next to her for every meal.
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deb said...

Adorable. August, can you hurry up and get here please??

KelBelle said...

Um, Holly, I think she's trying to tell you something! Sienna is so cute! She is a little toddler--they grow up so fast, it's ridiculous!

Katie said...

So cute! She's getting so big! How are you? We need to catch up soon, its been too long!