Sep 6, 2008

Go Redskins!

Here are a couple pics of Dan and Sienna all decked out in their redskins attire

So, I am officially now a football widow and poor little Sienna is an football orphan. As if real football isn't enough of a time consuming hobby, Dan also has several (I use that term loosely, since it might be more than that) fantasy football teams to spend his free time "managing". Don't get me wrong, I like watching a good football game, but football season with all the college and professional games and then the pretend football gets to be a bit much. I will say that I learned early on in our relationship what kind of priority football would be in Dan's life. Dan and I were engaged and hadn't registered yet. We were both busy working full-time and when we had a day off, I thought it would be the perfect time to register--New Year's Day. This is how our conversation went. "Hey, Dan, I was thinking that we could register tomorrow." "Um, Holly, it's New Year's Day. I'm going to be watching football." "Oh, 0k, which games did you want to watch?" (thinking maybe we could go later in the day) "ALL of them. Holly, on New Year's Day, you don't leave the house..." Well, Dan, I guess I'll see you in the Spring!


Debi said...

Yes, this is another one of the many, MANY things that all of us in Dan's family chose to keep from you so you'd still marry him. Sorry?

Autumn said...

Tell Dan he is a nerd! Just Kidding!!
I just laugh out loud about the football thing cause we have season tickets for UCLA and my husband thinks we need to get there 5 hours early!! Oh these boys!

Jonny said...

Braves on the war path!!! .

Jadie said...

...Fight for all D.C.! Yes, even after all this time, I can sing the fight song--much to Andrew and the kids' amusement! Great post, Holly--I love Sienna's outfit! (PS: ditto Debi's comment!)

Chelsea said...

It was nice knowing you Daniel.

Hey, we should get some BYU football tickets and go together with the kiddos! Are you up for that?

Baak Talk said...

At least football has a season..

Gaming is 24/7 365!!!

The Mortensen's said...

Um, thats funny. Get her started early, right.

Sher said...

I, too, am a major, football widow.
And funny enough, my hubby is a die hard REdskins fan.
Don't be jealous, but we're heading to DC this weekend to see a Redskins game!!
We should totally get our boys together for a "play date"

Jensen Family said...

So funny I can totaly relate I say I use to like sports until I got married:) Call me and we'll go shopping while they sit and watch the tube