Sep 17, 2008

Grandma Tink's 91st Birthday!

Last week we celebrated my Grandma "Tink" Hanson's 91st birthday! My grandma has always been so spunky and full of life. As a child I always loved visiting her in New Mexico. Then when I was in Jr. High/High School they lived in St. George, which was a very convenient place to visit and my friends and I would take full advantage of a place to stay in St. George. We loved it. She is a great cook and was always a wonderful hostess. Now she lives in an assisted living community in Orem and it's so nice to have her close by and to be able to see her so often. From my grandma I inherited my love of shopping, jewelry and Mexican food! She always has great words of wisdom and encouragement for me. Before I had the baby her greatest advice for me was, "Now, during those early morning feedings, don't forget to remind Dan that it's his baby too!" Happy birthday, grandma! Love you! Cousin Kristen and Grandma blowing out their joint bday cake
I love that Rob & Brad gave my grandma a Simpson's DVD. So classic!
Rob put the fuzzy socks we gave her on her head (Doesn't she look like a flapper!? So funny!)
Sienna all tuckered out from partying with the fam
4 generations


Jadie said...

What a neat lady! May we all live our lives so well.

RS chorister, huh? Yeah, I'll be waiting for your phonecall! ;)

Katie said...

I love the picture of Sienna yawning. You're making want to have another right now Holly...Stop it! LOL