Sep 28, 2008

Castle on a Cloud

Les Miserables...what an incredible show!! My in-laws took those of us who live in Utah to St. George to see Les Miserable on Sept 20th. It was Sienna's first road trip and her first show (at 5 weeks old), and she was quite the trooper. I got a little nervous at the beginning of the show because she was a little fussy (which is not the norm for her) so I was starting to think that it was going to be a long night for me, but after a few minutes she fell asleep for the rest of the show (which felt like hours, since I was so worried about ruining the night for the people sitting around us). The show really was amazing. I've seen it several times before (in New York, Utah and London), but it was so cool to see it at an outdoor amphitheater. I was amazed at the talent, especially since many of the performers were from Utah. I really loved Javier and Marias. It was such a beautiful night. We stayed over and went to breakfast the next morning (a birthday breakfast for my sister-in-law, Kate! Happy 21st, Kate!) at the Bear Paw Cafe, which was delicious! I had stuffed french toast. What was it stuffed with? Oh, just vanilla brulle. Are you kidding me?!! It was so tasty! It was a great weekend. Thank you, Roger & Deanne!

Just chillin' before the show
My beautiful baby
Dan's parents Roger & Deanne and his brother Jeff and wife Kate
The handsome couple :)
Dan's brother Eric & his wife Liz (and her adorable new red purse that I want to steal!)
The girls (we missed you, Jen & Debi!)

Just one of the amazing desserts, oh, I mean breakfasts!


Jadie said...

I'm green with envy. My folks have seen Les Miz a bazillion times with each of their OTHER children...! Liz's purse is to die for!

Katie said...

Does Sienna have blue eyes??? She's so cute Holly! What a fun weekend...I'm jealous ;-)