Aug 29, 2008


Here you go, Chels!

My 3 Joys: My family, the gospel, the beach, peanut butter/chocolate (So what if I put 4!?)

My 3 Fears: mice/rats, Sienna stops breathing in her sleep, something happening to Dan

My 3 Current Obsessions: Sleep, Sienna, redbox video rentals

3 Surprising Facts: I can eat peanut butter straight from the jar, I've had glasses since I was 5 years old, I LOVE live sporting events

I tag: katie, jennifer, kim, steph, Michele, kristin, ally


Jadie said...

You only know one Jennifer, right? LOL! Well, considering that you NEVER call me Jennifer (always Jen), I'm going to assume you didn't mean me; but then again, this looks like fun, so I WILL assume you meant me, and consider myself tagged!

Kristin said...

I only saw one other KristEn (spelled with and E), and you wrote KristIn, so I am also assuming here :)

Michele said...

I'm also assuming you mean me because there aren't many Michele's with one L either!!! OK... I'll do it!

KaLee said...

What a beautiful little girl!!!! Good work!
you should check out my blog today. Prepare yourself, it is not for the weak of stomach!