Aug 28, 2008

Silent Auction (for a great cause!)

I don't actually know this family personally, but I have read their story on a couple of different friends blogs and just keep thinking about them. Christian and Stephanie Nielson were in a tragic plane accident over a week ago. They survived, but were severely injured and burned and are in critical condition. They have four beautiful children who are being cared for by extended family.
There is a silent auction going on via many different blogs and websites. There are a ton of really great things that are being auctioned off (many items from fabulous etsy shops)--from photography, jewelry, quilts, clothing, aprons, meals, crafts, and lots more. I hope that you can all take a few minutes to browse. I'm sure that you will find something that you will want to bid on.
All the proceeds from the auction will go towards Stephanie and Christian's recovery, which is expected to take months and cost well into the millions.
Here are the links to auctions currently going on:
If you are unable to donate financially, then please remember this family in your prayers.

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ok that is so weird because my old roomie and her hubby are bff's with about a small world!