Sep 27, 2010

So Cal trip August 2010

I don't have enough energy to do journal about our August California trip, so for now I'll just post some pictures.  Just know that we had an amazing time--the weather was perfect!  I'll post details soon....

Ok, can not get enough of Syd in her zebra print bikini. Those thighs are amazing!  

CHEESE!!!!!  Sienna was a little obsessed with Christy. She totally preferred to hold Christy's hand over mine.  She loves her Auntie Christy.
I love this picture of Dan and his brother Jeff.  We had a fun day playing at Tamarack beach in Carlsbad.
And how sad is it that the only pictures of the Syed's I got was of Tracie's feet...but hey, they are good looking feet, right!?  We snuck away from the boys to get pedi' nice!  I miss good, cheap pedicures! And I don't know why I can't get this picture formatted. Weird!
San Clemente, one of our favorite places on the planet!
My little dancing queen!
Sienna and one of her favorite people in the whole world, her daddy!

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Katie said...

Sienna and Ruby look like they can be sisters in that picture. Too cute!