Sep 7, 2010

My Baby Girl Turned Two!

I can't believe my baby is already two years old!  Her birthday was on August 12th.  We didn't even know if we were going to be around to have an official party for her, since we had family reunions going on, but we threw together a last-minute pool party for her with mostly family and a few friends.  Sienna got spoiled with all sorts of great presents, she loved her new books, clothes, dress-ups, her "'puter" (leapfrog computer) and her new table....but most of all, she loved the chocolate cupcakes!  It was a fun day, even though she was a sassy little thing. She told people for weeks that she was the birthday girl and was "two" while holding up 1 finger.  Pretty cute.  She certainly knew it was her day!
I can not imagine my life without Sienna in it. Dan and I are so grateful to have a healthy, beautiful little girl.  I'm even grateful for her sass. :)  Sienna brings so much joy into our home. She is so much fun. It's hard to even remember what life was like before she her. She has totally turned into daddy's girl and just can not seem to get enough of her daddy.  Every once in awhile it's frustrating, but most of the time it's rather convenient. "Sorry, Dan, she wants YOU to change her diaper" or "She won't let me give her a bath".  She has always known what she wants, which we are hoping will someday be a great thing.  For now she's just super spunky and stubborn as can be.  She is still a picky little eater and is basically a vegetarian.  No mac-n-cheese, no top ramen, no pizza, fast food, table food, etc... I guess I shouldn't complain, but it's not always super convenient, so at times it gets frustrating.  We had major break-throughs when we finally got her eat PBJ's and occasionally some Mickey chicken nuggets.  
 What else?  She is such a little chatter box. She is a cuddle-bug now, which is so fun.  It doesn't last too long, but she loves giving hugs and kisses and doesn't really shy away from anyone.  She rarely stops talking and has turned into our little parrot.  She just copies everything we say.  It's funny to see such a little one talking so clearly.  I think it really helps dealing with the fun times of a two year old, because we can communicate pretty easily.  I love my little drama queen.  Sienna loves all things girly.  Among her favorite things in life are jewelry, makeup, shoes, purses, clothes, babies, tea parties, dolls, ponies....the list could go on and on.  She is definitely a girly girl, but she also loves to play in the mud and kick a soccer ball. 

We love you, Sienna Marie! 


deb said...

Aw, I miss getting my Sienna hugs and kisses!! I *love* how she repeats everything. I've told everyone I know about my 2 year-old niece that sings Hit the Road Jack (with the finger wagging, of course). So cute!

Mandy said...

Holly...she's so adorable! I remember reading about you being pregnant...and now she's TWO! Time goes way to fast. I love blog stalking and catching up on your cute family!