Sep 22, 2010

Moon and Back

The other week I said to Sienna "DO you know how much mom loves you?"  And she confidently said "MOON AND BACK!".  My heart melted.  Seriously, how cute is that!?

Anyone else love this book? I think it's so cute.  And at least I know she's listening, right!?   
Sienna pretty much says it every day now. 

I DO love this beautiful little girl, all the way to the moon AND back!


deb said...

Moon and back - how adorable! I literally JUST read that book to the babies 10 min ago before I put them down for their nap. And here is this post! With pictures of my babies!

Please email me the one of the 3 of them-- the looks on all their faces are priceless!

Nicky Smith said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!!

Tracie said...

1. I LOVE the flapper outfit!
2. We have that book & absolutely love it too!
3. She is so stink'n cute & looks like such a big girl!

Jadie said...

love that girl!

jeannie said...

Just catching up with the cute Dixon family! Love your new family pics too! GORGEOUS!