Oct 15, 2009

Park City

I had a social work conference up in Park City a couple of weeks ago, so Dan and Sienna came up and stayed overnight with me at the hotel. The conference was actually really good, and it was fun to have Dan & Sienna to play with at night and at lunch. I love Park City! I especially love main street. They have such quaint, cool restaurants and always have fun things going on. We went to dinner at Chimayo, which I've been wanting to try. It was good, but I think it looked prettier than it tasted! (If I were going to spend that kind of money on dinner, I would definitely go to Wahso instead...next time!). Anyway, we went to Loco Lizard for lunch the next day and we were both huge fans! We actually liked it way better than Chimayo...and it was way cheaper! Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, there was snow on the ground! So wrong! I'm definitely not ready for winter...especially not in September! I'm just glad that it wasn't a bad enough snowstorm to leave all the trees bare. The trees were still super colorful, even with a little snow/frost on them. Wish I would've gotten a picture or two!

I love this picture!
fancy schmancy...

I had to post these pictures. I'm sure these will be used for blackmailing Sienna when she's a teenager! It's amazing how quickly this kid can tear apart a room, which she did to our hotel room. I just turned my back for a second and she had the entire tampon box out and was trying to hold (and chew!) as many as she could. She was totally fascinated! So funny!

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Katie said...

LOL, there was one time that Mia got a hold of a tampon and actually sat on her potty and put the tampon up to her crotch, but didn't know what do do after that, LOL! I know TMI, you don't have to say it ;-)