Oct 5, 2009

Summer fun!

Dan occasionally takes the camera into his office, downloads (or is it uploads? What's the difference!?) all the pics onto the harddrive at work, and formats the memory card. Then every so often I'll look at all the pictures on the hard drive and discover a bunch of photo's that I haven't even looked at since I took them. So, here's a bunch from this summer.
We drove up to Montpelier, Idaho for Dan's family reunion. We got to take his niece's Taylor and Claire with us, which was a lot of fun. Sienna just adores her cousins Claire & Taylor and had such a fun time being able to hang out with them on the drive. These are the "world famous" raspberry shakes from Bear Lake. Yum....
One thing we have really loved about living in Utah is being able to go hiking. We love the mountains here. Sienna just loves her backpack hiker! (Thanks, Jen!)
These pictures are from a place called Battlecreek Falls, which is just 10-15 minutes from our house. I'd never been here before, but it was such a fun hike. It was an easy hike, perfect for a little Monday night family home evening.
(And, no, I did not buy that binky for Sienna...but it's true!) Love that face!!!
Happy fourth of July! If only I could remember what we did! :) We ended the night getting Cafe Rio and heading over to Liz & Eric's (Dan's brother) for fireworks. Sienna was totally fascinated by the fireworks--especially the sparklers and the glowsticks!

This is our adorable niece Taylor. What a cutie!

We really miss our good friends from Huntington Beach Matt & Amber Sim (& their boys Jake & Caden), so it was really fun to be able to have them stay with us this summer when they were in town for a wedding. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures that weekend, so this is all you get. :) We had a little date night and went to the downtown concert at the Gallivan Center and watched the Bon Iver concert and then hit Five Guys for some grub. The concert was fun, but super crazy. It didn't even feel like we were in Utah. Great music, though...and the company wasn't too bad either. ;)

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