Oct 5, 2009

I'm married to an old man!

Happy late birthday to you, Mr. Dixon! (Daniel Vilas Dixon, that is!) Dan's (34th!) birthday was on September 14th. We had a few days of celebrating--a dinner party with my family, picnic/dutch-oven cobbler American Fork canyon night with his fam, and then a low-key date night with just the two of us. We went to PF Chang's, had an amazing dinner, then had an even-more-amazing dessert, the great wall of chocolate. Seriously, the thing is ginormous. We felt like we were eating forever, and hardly made a dent in it. We also saw 500 Days of Summer. Good flick. Happy birthday to the best husband, father and friend! Love your guts, Dan! I have a few more pics I need to steal from Dan's mom's camera, so I'll post those later.
For the Hanson family birthday dinner, we had one of my favorite meals--a pasta bar. I'm pretty sure I've posted about this before, so I'll just recap. You take your favorite cooked pasta and add all of your favorite pasta toppings. Toss it in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic and heat through, then top with your favorite sauce. It's fun because everyone can make it just how they like it. Then we had pizookie's for dessert. Dan got his own little one, then we made a giant one for everyone else to share. There's nothing better than a ginormous warm chocolately, gooey chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla bean icecream. Yummmmmm!

I made Dan pose for this one. :)

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