Oct 17, 2009

Corn Belly Maze at Thanksgiving Point

I love being able to bundle up in a sweater (and hide the fat rolls), wear cute knee-high boots, sip hot cocoa, go to pumpkin patches, canyon drives, carving pumpkins, fresh fruits & veggies from the garden, the vibrant changing colors of the leaves, farmer's markets, the crisp fresh air, making caramel apples, yummy homemade pies (not made by me!), the list could go on and on...

Thanksgiving Point has a really fun fall festival going on right now, The Corn Belly Maze. They have tons of activities (including these awesome "jumping pillows"--I've never seen anything like them!). We met up with our good friends Amber & Tad Baltzer who were in town from California. It was so fun to spend time with them and their boys--wish we could hang out more often!
Sienna definitely has a good selection to choose from with just the Baltzer boys--I think she picked Micah. Little flirt. ;) It's perfect. He's just a couple weeks older than her!
The pumpkin canon was (of course) the boys favorite thing to do. Boys will be boys!

The train ride through the corn fields

Yes, Sienna is now off the bottle (pardon the phrase!) and 100% sippy cup. The whole weaning process wasn't too bad. I think I was more attached to it than she was.
Sienna didn't want to sit still for a family shot, so this is the best one we got!

They make a cute couple, don't you think!? :)

Sienna's favorite part was this little pumpkin maze. She was having the best time just crawling around, climbing over the pumpkins, trying to pull of the stem, biting them, etc... She was loving it, so giggly and smiley. I was totally wishing that I had Emily with me to take some professional shots with a nice camera! Next time!
Here's one of me and Amber (and Sienna and little Dane).
Dan, Holly, Amber & Tad on the ginormous Corn Belly rocker. It was huge!
(If Dan were here, he would have just said "That's what she said!")


Baltzer Family said...

That is so cute. Micah is for sure in love with little Sienna. We had so much fun with you guys.

Jadie said...

"That's what she said!"...ah, Dan. That's my bro for ya!

Hey, I think your pictures turned out pretty terrific.

Sara Mortensen said...

Sienna is so cute! The pumpkins are as big as her.