Oct 27, 2008

Baby boutique

My friend Sara (from San Clemente) has an on-line baby boutique you need to check out. She makes these adorable tutu's, beanies and headbands. She has tons of cute costumes for babies and toddlers. Check it out at http://www.babadooboutique.blogspot.com/
Here's just a few of my favorites.
pumpkin princess

angel princess

pirate princess


Katie said...

You haven't given my miamoodesigns.blogspot.com any love :( I'm going to be doing a fun little boutique night in December here in PR which will be fun. I've been able to sell some of my photos of the fort, so I thought I'd set those up too. We need to get caught up! How did your hand surgery go?

Dixons said...

Sorry, Katie! That's because I have quite a few friends who also sell hairclips & bows, so I'd feel bad doing a shout out for you and not for them. I don't think people want to hear a million shout outs for the same stuff! :) But you're linked on my favorites, does that count?

Jadie said...

Wowzers, those are some swanky pieces! All of the sudden, I'm wishing I had a baby girl...