Jul 27, 2008

Steel Days Parade

A couple of weeks ago, we went down with some of the Dixon clan to the Steel Days parade to watch my nieces Claire and Taylor who were dancing in the parade. I haven't been to the parade in years, so it was fun to be in town for the celebration and to relive some memories of the good, ole days when I used to dance in the parade as a kid. When we were kids, the Steel Days carnival was the coolest thing all summer and you just couldn't wait to go to it. It was such a trip to be downtown and see the carnival all set up. All sorts of carnie's were out in full force. Let's just say that it wasn't nearly as classy as I remembered it.
My father-in-law Roger Dixon, Dan's sister Jennifer Schafer, Dan and our nephew Milo (who have been in town from Oregon) Me & my cute niece Sierra

Dan and his little buddy Milo. Milo takes a little while to warm up to people, but he just
loves Dan. What's not to love?

Our nephew Brennon, who was working hard to get as much candy as possible. As you can see, there was lots of bubble gum up for grabs!

Me & Dan

Claire dancing in the parade
Brennon and Sierra doing their tough-guy karate chops

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Sunny said...

Steel Days AND D d d d Dear Old AF High friends? Wow! That's one big blast from the past weekend. How fun. I used to know almost every person in that parade. Did you know many? Is Mr. Green still the mayor? :) It was fun to see the picture of all the cute girls. Tell everyone, "Hi".