Jul 15, 2008

Dan's new job

Since Dan says it better than I could, I thought I would just post the email that Dan sent out informing friends, family & colleagues about his job change.

Dear friends and family,

Holly and I are now in the process of moving back to Utah. We are excited to be with family and friends, especially now that Holly is expecting and help with a new-born will be invaluable. I have begun working with JMS Group, an appraisal firm. I have known the principals, personally and professionally, for over 10 years. As a loan officer who used their services in the past, I can attest to their prompt, professional service. I am excited to join JMS Group, which I know to have the highest levels of ethical standards, which can be rare to find these days. I feel blessed to work with individuals with such high integrity and work ethic. Please let me know if there is any that I can do for you and your real estate needs.

Best regards,


Below is my new contact information, including my new cell phone number:
Dan Dixon
JMS Group Appraising
cell 801.228.7718
eFax 1.800.604.9584


mike said...

So glad you're making your way back here. Think you'll make it up to those old stomping grounds? Maybe for A-day? So sorry I couldn't make it to the shower. I want to get together with you and Ally and Steph and etc soon and meet either your very preg belly or your new little one!

Chelsea said...

Can I tell you just one more time how happy I am that you guys moved here! I am stoked that Dan and Cory are working together now!