Jul 27, 2008

Ella's baby blessing

Dan's brother Jeff and his wife Kate recently had a baby girl, Ella Jean Dixon. Last Sunday was her blessing. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of her in her beautiful blessing dress, but here are a couple of shots of the sleeping beauty. She is just adorable--such a tiny little thing. We are so excited that our little one will have a cousin so close to her age. After the blessing, we had a family luncheon at their home. It was fun just to hang out with fam, spending time together, playing games, eating way too much food,etc... I also had to include a picture of Dan getting worked by all his nieces and nephews. He is always so great with kids. His nieces and nephews just love rough-housing with their uncle Dan.

Ella Jean Dixon

Liz & Taylor Dixon
Claire, Eric & Grant Dixon
My adorable nieces Claire, Sierra & Cassidy

Dan getting worked


Melody Odell said...

OK so my heart jumped when I saw this picture because I thought it might be your baby. Your like a week away from the due date!! I just hope I hear down the pipe somehow when you have her before I have to see it on a blog post. We miss you guys, Hope all is well!


Katie said...

Whatta pretty little baby...can't wait to see yours!