Jul 30, 2008

My cute nieces

I love these pics of some of my cute nieces. I just wanted to take one cute picture, but of course they were kind of silly, so I said, "Come on, just one cute picture, please!"
And so the photo shoot began....
Kinda silly
Here's the cute one
"Ok, now take a sad one of us..."
"...and now take a silly one..."
Love these girls! They are so much fun!


Mama Bear said...

Holly...this is Sarah's friend, Kayla. I just saw your link on her blog and took a peek to see if you had your baby yet! I didn't realize you guys moved to Utah! Sorry to lose you guys, but I hope you are enjoying Utah! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Jadie said...

Such silly girls! I love how they have so much fun together and are truly best friends, even though they live far apart. Thanks for capturing these moments! (Can't wait until your own little girl joins the fray!)