Sep 21, 2009


Dan, Sienna & I met up with my friend Christy and her boyfriend Ryan at the Utah State Fair. It was a fun night! Christy warned me before we got that there Ryan has Carni-phobia (he's a funny guy). He did really well and didn't even twitch as we neared the tents. We were so proud of him conquering his fears by playing a few rounds of darts (see picture below of he, Dan & one of our favorite Carni's of the night!). Dan & Ryan were so noble trying to win us prizes. I asked them later if they purposely picked the booth with the worst prizes. Don't worry, we did come home with a little ghetto teddy bear covered in dollar bills. That's definitely going into Sienna's hope chest (or hopeless chest, as my brothers liked to call it)....or maybe straight into the washing machine! And to think we could have had a life-size one for only $50.00 worth of darts. You just can't hit the fair without having super greasy, tasty food, which we did! We had yummy navajo tacos & philly cheesesteak sandwiches, which were surprisingly delish. We went through one of the tents to check out some of the local lifestock who compete. We ended up seeing these crazy-looking goats. One of them looked like the creature from Never-Ending Story. Super creepy-looking. And Ryan made friends with what he liked to call the Orthodox Goat. Sienna was a trooper and lasted a long time (unfortunately just not long enough to indulge in a funnel cake or fried twinkies--next time!). Good times! Thanks to Papa Sparks for hooking us up with free tickets! (And you, too, Christy!)

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