Sep 10, 2009

Sweet memories from So Cal

Dan's cousin Melanie Pearson got married in Newport Beach a few weeks ago. Thanks, Mel, for getting hitched in So Cal. We love an excuse to go back! Friday was the wedding. It was at an amazing home in Newport Beach--the perfect wedding venue. It definitely was not the most traditional wedding, but that's totally Melanie. The wedding party danced their way down the aisle, just like the YouTube video. (Melanie even moonwalked backwards back to her dad!) Only Melanie would pull it off! Dan's cousin was DJ'ing and I don't think his Aunt Carol (the bride's mom) has forgiven him yet. They wedding was fun, a lot of laughing, dancing & amazing food. Dan's aunt Carol made all the mini bundt cakes, which were to-die-for! (Which reminds me I need to get the recipe!). The bride & groom ended the evening right--driving off in her dad's newly restored '59 Corvette. I'll have to find a picture. It's really beautiful. I think Dan was drooling.
The bride (Dan's cousin Melanie)
The Groom, Preston.
The amazing centerpieces that I just couldn't get enough of. Aren't they beautiful!?
I just loved the decor, the colors, the flowers, the food, the setting. It was really a beautiful wedding.

Yes, she is prego (expecting twins in January!). And yes, they ALWAYS look this perfect!
The rugrat. It was a little chilly the day of the wedding and I didn't bring many warm clothes, but I did have some striped leg warmers for Sienna. That's why she's a little ghetto baby for a wedding. ;)
Dan's parents were so generous and offered to pay for a beach house for the weekend so that the Dixon family could spend more time together. All of Dan's siblings and their spouses were able to come, which was a lot of fun. We had a great time and really packed a ton of things into a short weekend. We had all the wedding festivities, a baby shower & a birthday party. We stayed at an incredible beach house in Sunset Beach, which was right on the sand. I could have stayed there forever. I loved being able to wake up and go for a jog on the sand. Amazing....

I love Dan's crazy eyes in this pic...
Mr. X... We played many a games, including Scotland Yard, a new (old) favorite! (The hat actually comes with the game. The sunglasses, however, were Dan's very own special touch)
Sienna discovering the taste of sand!
She loved it and went back for seconds.

Sienna & her daddy

This is my cute sister-in-law Debi & her best friend Stacie. Debi is expecting twins. They have waited a long time for this, so we couldn't more happy for Deb & Jared. Since they live in New York now, and all the family was going to be in town for the wedding, we decided to have a baby (or should I say babies!?) shower for her. We had a great turn out and it was a lot of fun. We had "Two Peas in a Pod" theme and used mostly lime green and bright orange (with a touch of pink) to decorate. My good friend AMBER designed the cute banner, and made confetti & thank you cards to match.

We also had a 70th birthday bash for Dan's dad, Roger. They had so much family in town that we had a house full. We called it a Roast & Toast (though most of it was roasting!). Happy birthday, Roger "Old School" Dixon!
After everyone headed home, Dan and I went to Newport Beach to hang out with some of his good friends who were in town. Dan then took off for Palm Springs for the "Deserted Souls Classic," a golf "tournament" (if you can call it that) with his boys. I decided to stay in the area for a few days to catch up with friends. I stayed in HB with Amber & Matt Sim on Sunday night. I loved that I was in town for the HB 4th ward's beach playgroup on Monday morning, and then that night was the annual (salt water) corn roast, which is always so much fun...and so delicious! Here's a few pics of the beach babes (Jake & Caden Sim & Sienna). I love these two pics of Jake & Caden workin' it.

How cute is this face!?
This girl (aka Amber Baltzer) never ceases to amaze me. She has 3 boys under 2 1/2 and is such a trooper! She always has a smile on her face and acts as though nothing ever phases her.
Caden & Saxon (baby #1)
Micah (baby #2) Dane (baby #3)
Sienna couldn't get enough of the corn. It really is amazing! (Cooked over the fire in salt water from the ocean. Don't knock it until you've tried it!)
and these....

and these....
and these...
and these are the reasons I miss HB so much!
It was great to be able to catch up with friends. More than anything (other than the beach and TK Burger and Sugar Shack and...only kidding!) I miss my friends. It's sad to think about how many of our friends have left Huntington Beach. Few people can afford to buy there, so little by little our friends have moved away. Sad, but definitely a reality. I'm just glad that Dan and I both have family in the Orange County area, so hopefully we'll always have a place to stay and friends to see.

Monday night I headed down to Dana Point to stay at my aunt & uncle's beach house. Rough life, I know. It was really nice, but felt weird to be at the beach house with just me & Sienna. The second night my BFF Jeni Baird came to play. It was just a perfect night. We went for a long walk/jog through Dana Point and the harbor (like the gool, ole' days), got Sonny's pizza and watch 17 Again...such a perfect (much-needed) girls night out! I love that girl. My last day in Dana Point a couple of girlfriends (Jen & Melody) and their little ones came to the beach house to go swimming. Talk about an amazing playdate! (Jen, I didn't get a picture of you & Em...can you email it to me!?)

Dana Point Harbor
I loved taking Sienna running around Dana Point every morning. (FYI, it's difficult to carry jogger strollers up 1,000 steps by yourself! Long story...)
Me & JB

The view from the beach house. It overlooks the Strand in Dana Point. Amazing view, huh!?

We're still working on teaching Sienna how to work the camera. Right now it just works her!
Melody & Corbin (Sienna's future boyfriend). Yes, that hair is for real. This boy is too cute!

I love this picture. It totally looks like Sienna is bowing down and worshiping Buddha.

Still my binky baby!

This is definitely a norm for Sienna. She is often found asleep with both her feet straight up in the air.

Such a great trip! I would have loved it even more if Dan were with us in Huntington Beach and Dana Point. Life in Huntington Beach just isn't the same without him there with us! It was kind of a whirlwind trip. I wish we had more free time to have caught up with more friends. I guess we just have a better excuse to come back soon! I'm sure about mid-February we'll be completely over the snow and ready for a trip to the beach.


Emily C said...

Holly, your pictures are awesome!!

Katie Hatch said...

Love all the new pictures! Sienna is getting so big and is so cute! No fair how amazing Dan's sister looks pregnant! When are you coming to Puerto Rico? ;-)

Deanne Dixon said...

Thanks for posting the great photos. I loved reliving the amazing "family reunion" we had with all our kids at the beach house....whirlwind and wonderful.
Love, M-I-L

Debi said...

Wow, so glad I finally caught up with your blog again! You posted such great photos from the babies (yes, we should call it that!) shower, and I'm soooo glad, since I hardly took any! That was SUCH an amazing shower-- everything was absolutely perfect, down to the food, friends & family, decorations and location! You are amazing for putting it all together!! Love ya sis.