Sep 21, 2009

Love this kid...most of the time! ;)

It's been awhile since I did a post on Sienna's growth & development. Sorry if you find this a little boring, but it's for me, so get over it!:) Sienna is now 13-months-old. At her 12 month appointment Sienna was 29 1/4 inches long (50% percentile) and weighed 19 lbs 3 oz (just over 10th percentile). She a little peanut, but don't worry, she's in the 75th percentile for head circumfirence. ;) My baby girl is definitely a spunky little thing. She is super busy. I get a little jealous when I hold my niece or friend's kids who will sit on my lap for more than 3 seconds, or who will cuddle with me. Sienna is definitely not a cuddler. No time for cuddling, she just keeps moving...ALL the time. Currently she is crawling all over, walking behind her toy walker (thanks, Bagozzi's!) and cruising around furniture. She likes to walk with you, but isn't walking or standing on her own yet. She loves climbing up stairs, but hasn't figured out how to (safely) go down them. Her favorite words are "mama," "dada," "ba" (bottle), and "hi" and "hiya". Just this weekend at my brother Brad's she learned how to say "ruh,ruh,ruh" in response to "what does a doggy say?" It's pretty stinkin' cute. She also loves to dance to music and loves reading books (though she rarely sits still long enough to get through one!). For any of you who were jealous of my ridiculously easy baby, be assurred that she no longer exists! (And, yes, I do know that it's only going to get harder!). I'm grateful for the easy months, but also feel a little cheated, since we got fooled into thinking we just got an easy baby. Little did I know...She's getting super picky about what she eats and when (and whether or not she will take a bottle or a sippy cup), she's throwing tantrums every time she goes down for a nap or to bed, she freaks out when she can't have what she wants....definitely a little high maintenance! Needless to say, it's a good thing she's so stinkin' cute. When Dan gets home I'll post some new pictures. We've had some fun times lately so I need to catch up!


Jeff and Kate Dixon said...

Just love that kid! I like hearing the updates. I didn't know she can bark!

Deanne Dixon said...

All I can say is she IS so stinkin cute!!! I am blessed to get to know her while Holly works.
Love, Gramma Dixon (Can't get her to say "Mimi" yet!)

Debi said...

I love her! I don't see how my kids could possibly be that cute. Good update!