Apr 19, 2009

Gourmet Pizza Night

A couple of weekends ago Dan and I got together with Sarah & Jon Hoagland (& the rugrats) for a gourmet pizza night. It was really fun. I'll post the recipe as soon as I get a copy of it. You make one big batch of pizza dough, which is enough to make 6ish little pizzas. You just get all your favorite toppings and then make the pizzas one at a time and eat them as you go. Here's a few pics of the process. They were really delicious, but the pictures really don't do them justice. We made a margarita pizza, alfredo, meat-lovers, everything & a dessert pizza. Thanks Hoaglands for a fun night!

Here's Sarah showing Dan the ropes

Can I tell you that although the dessert pizza photo makes it look kind of nasty, it was SOOO amazing! How could it not be? It was a yummy pizza dough topped with layers of cream cheese, nutella, mozzarella cheese, & butterscotch chips. After you bake the crust, you top it with bananas & whip cream. SOOOO tasty!

My happy girl. Seriously, this girl is so happy!

Avery with a rootbeer buzz

Hoagland Fam

Cute little Maddie

Me & Sarah

Maddie & Jon

Sienna not sure if she loves potato puffs. I think she might have preferred the dessert pizza.


Emily C said...

that pizza looks so delish!!! i want to make that this week! and the dessert pizza too!! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

how fun do you two live by each other! Love Home Made Pizza!