Apr 13, 2009

A few shout-outs...

I have quite a few friends who have put their talents to good use and have amazing blogs to show for it! So, take a few minutes and peruse (great word, huh?) the follow websites/blogs. Enjoy! (I know I do!)

http://operationgrom.bigcartel.com/ Baby & kids t-shirts (surfer-type)
http://myneckcandy.blogspot.com/ Jewelry
http://www.evandykephotography.blogspot.com/ Photography
http://www.createdbymom.com/category_s/38.htm Baby accessories
http://miamoodesigns.blogspot.com/ Baby accessories, burp clothes & more
http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5779835 Jewelry
http://www.sayanythingexpressions.com/ Vinyl Lettering
http://www.pinklemonadeproducts.com/ Nursing covers, wraps, slings & more
http://www.babadooboutique.blogspot.com/ Baby tutu's, shoes, hairbows & more
http://suburbanheresy.blogspot.com/ Beauty blog (hair, makeup tips)
http://skinnyhabits.blogspot.com/ Weightloss, recipes, healthy lifestyle, etc...
http://sherrieshepherdpiano.blogspot.com/ Piano music


Emily said...

Thanks chica!
Let's get those photos done of little Miss S!!!

R and R said...

What a great networker you are! If only I crated a blog about shopping:)

Sher said...

Hey, Thanks for the shout out! Every person telling their friends really helps get the word out.
I just wish you had a graphic designer on your list, because I am stumped.

jeanbean said...

oooooh I always love a good shout out! Thanks! Cute blog!