Jun 24, 2008

More pics from San O

Well, Dan finally came back from Utah--yea! I kinda like him, so it's great to have him back after having him gone for 2 weeks. I texted him one day and said, "Are you ever coming home?" He wrote back promising that he would be back Friday and then said, "I guess it's a good thing I'm not in the military or something". I would be a horrible military wife!
Anyway, Dan also brought back with him his laptop with all our pics, so I'll post a few more pictures from our San Onofre trip.

Isn't Dan a hottie?

Dan's sister Jen and his parents Roger & Deanne

A shot of the girls!

And one of the boys. I love this pictures of Dan and his dad.

Here is a cute picture of Dan's mom doing a photo shoot of all the surfers and Dan's dad watching through the binocs. I thought it was cute.

Dan surfing

Cute Layne Barnes....love this girl! She was my little buddy.

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Autumn said...

WOW- that little girl Layne is soooo cute! HA! HA!
I swear I already left a message!
We are all going to miss you and Dan.
Thanks for caring and loving our family.
Thank goodness we can keep in touch with the blogging!!