Jun 11, 2008

Memorial weekend at the River

This is long overdue! At least I kind of have an excuse....I'm computerless right now, since our desktop computer died and Dan took his laptop to Utah with him for 2 weeks!
Anyway, back to the blogging.....We went with some good friends (Dawn & Brian Lombardi & rugrats, Steph & Jeff Jensen, & Amber & Matt Sim & rugrats) out to the River over Memorial Day weekend. Lombardi's family has a great house right on the water. We were a bit nervous about the weather, but it ended up being pretty nice. We relaxed and boated the first day when the weather wasn't fabulous, then Sunday and Monday were perfect--lots of blue sky and sunshine. We played games, watched movies, fished, bbq'd and soaked up the sun. Oh, and I watched everyone else waterski, wakeboard and tube! ;) Good times, good times.
Here's some fun pics from the trip.

The River

Some of the gang

Steph & Jeff

The Lombardi clan
Steph & the little rugrats

My crush Caden (who didn't love his straight jacket!)
Me & Dawn
Jack's awesome hair
Amber & Caden

Cute little Ruby!

Jake sportin' some cool shades

The fellas fishin'
Me & Dan (and his nice windblown curls!)

Thanks to the Lombardi's for hosting a great trip!


Hoagland Family said...

How fun!

Holly... looking hot with your tan. I'm so jealous that you can get such a pretty tan after being in the sun for like 2 seconds:)

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! You're so lucky your face stays so thin when you're prego! Mine looked like a moon pie! LOL...You look great!