Mar 29, 2008

Happy Easter!

For dinner on Easter Sunday we had a bbq with a bunch of friends in our ward. It was also Jake Sim's 2nd birthday, so we also got to celebrate with him (and eat the adorable soccer ball cake that my friend Melody made!) Thanks to the McDonald's for hosting it. It's hard to be away from family during holidays like this, but we are so grateful for all the friends we have here in California who are like family to us now. We had an easter egg hunt, Dan grilled up a mean steak and we ate tons of fabulous food!
We had a great time!
Jake & Mika

The Sims




Me & Dan



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Katie said...

Hey Holly! For some reason your above posts don't have the comments link so I couldn't comments above. Anyway, just write down all your links and retype them in. I did that to change my background and it didn't take that long.