Mar 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jared Lee!

Nothin' says Happy Birthday like rockin' out to Bon Jovi or Journey kareoke-style! We went up to L.A. on Feb. 23rd to celebrate with our brother-in-law Jared. Honestly, we thought 3 hours was going to be a bit too much kareoke, but we all rocked out right up until the minute we got kicked out. There were quite a few closet kareoke fans in the house, so the time really flew. Some of the songs even had music videos, which were classic. Does anyone remember how ridiculously lame 80's music videos were!?

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Debi said...

Ah, GOOD TIMES!!! Who know that Dan was one of the biggest closet karaoke fans in the room?? You two did an amazing rendition of Young MC's Bust a Move. Proud!