Feb 29, 2012

Sienna's Rainbow party (just 6 months late)

So I totally thought I blogged about Sienna's Rainbow Party (3 years old!) but was looking for it today to get the cake recipe and couldn't find it. I think I was waiting (for me!) to edit the pictures, which didn't happen since I had a newborn baby and have been a little busy. And it still hasn't happened, since I keep waiting until I learn photoshop, but I give up.  SO, here are the pics from her party, in all their unedited glory!  I thought I'd include links to a few other things used.  If you're in pinterest, I have a Rainbow Party board, where I pinned tons of cute ideas. 

We had a pool party at our clubhouse, which was so nice.  That's one fun thing about a summer bday.  I hadn't really thought about some of the things that were going to be melting in the hot sun--like the marshmallow pops.  Oh well!  The kids didn't seem to mind.  Here is a picture of the table.  Sorry it's so dark. I knew if I waited to edit all the pictures again, they'd never get posted!  The rainbow garland was a last minute idea and I just got a bunch of scraps of fabric and ribbon (and a few birthday balloons) and organized them by color. Then I tied them onto twine--voila! Super cute and super easy!

To make the rainbow slush I just opened a ton of otter pops.  I would do a layer at a time and then put it in the freezer for a little while before I'd start the next color, that way the colors wouldn't bleed into the next color.  This was definitely the hit of the party!

My amazing friend Melissa did the cupcakes for me. She's a cupcake queen (I almost said cupcake whore, but I thought queen would be nicer).  She knew I was stressed and offered to bake the cupcakes and ended up decorating them all for me as well. She's the best, totally saved the day! I saw the cupcakes online with the rainbow candy and fell in love, so she recreated them for me!  I found the rainbow candy in the dollar section at Target. I think they are airhead brand? I could be lying.  
I lucked out and found the giant swirl suckers at the dollar store for cheap, but I know oriental trading company also sells them. 
Marshmallow pops. So easy! And kids love 'em.
 Rainbow cake! Sienna loved it. It's a little less intense than the 7-layers striped rainbow cake. 
 Here is the link to the instructions. http://www.omnomicon.com/rainbowcake


Take home gift.  Here is a link to the "Thank you for coming" rainbow tag. http://picklebums.com/2010/11/19/printable-rainbow-cupcake-toppers/ 
I just bought suckers and rainbow crayons from Oriental trading company.  The crayons looked like giant crayons in the picture and apparently I didn't read the fine print, so I ended up improvising and filled the bag with skittles to fill it up a little.


Kristin said...

WOW!! What a gorgeous party!! And Sienna is so adorable! We miss you!

deb said...

Holly, this party looks like it came straight out of Pinterest, which is the highest form of a compliment these days. SOOOO CUTE!! Job well done!

Annika said...

So cute Holly! DARLING really. She is to cute! Nice job I may have to use your idea.

Sarah said...

What a darling and fun idea! It sounds like she loved it! She is a doll, and you're such a good momma!