Jan 22, 2012

My girly girl

Sienna LOVES getting her nails painted.  We had a "girls day" the other day and she went crazy picking out the perfect polish for her toes and her fingernails. Of course she had to pull out every shade of pink and then picked between the pinks. She a little diva and just loved staring (and pulling faces) at herself in the mirror of the caboodle.  Yes, don't be jealous, that is the real thing (the caboodle, that is--Thank you, Melissa!). Oh, and Sienna is OBSESSED with braids (I think that's because of our cute nanny Ashley!). Lately, it's the only hairdo she wants--piggy tails with braids.  Pretty cute if you ask me, just not much diversity these days! 

So I was chastised tonight by my sister-in-law Debi for not updating my blog or facebook with pics of the kids. She's said she's not sure they're even alive, so here's the proof.  Here are some photos from Christmas at my parents.  Since my in-laws are on their mission, we ended up just staying at my parents for a few days.  It was nice hot running back and forth, but we missed the Jeff Hanson family and all the Dixon clan! 
 This is my little guy 99% of the time.  He's such a happy baby. I'm so lucky. I love that he gives his smiles so freely.  He smiles and makes you feel like you're the only one for him.   LOVE this kid.

 Uncle Rob & Luke just chillin'
 As you can tell, we are still trying to figure out how to get our 3-year-old sit still and actually look at the camera for just one family photo. Soooo frustrating! 

LOVE my kiddos in these cute stripey jammies.

 Sienna lost her favorite puppy Coconut .  By the way, Coconut is a dalmation puppy who she named coconut because of all the "coconuts" he had all over him.  She now gets that they are "polka dots", but the name has stuck!  Anyway, she lost him so she started asking Santa for a puppy for Christmas. I was always grateful when she would clarify that it was not a "real puppy, just a pretend one".  Well, we found Coconut, so I thought we didn't need another puppy.  A few days before Christmas, suddenly she was asking for a puppy again. I was pretty certain (100% certain) that Santa was all done with Sienna's Christmas presents and she may not get a puppy.  Fortunately for Sienna, she has an amazing Grandma who saved the day and hooked the girl up with a pretty cool puppy.  He comes in this cute purse/doctor's bag. You push his paw and he coughs and sneezes and his nose turns bright red, so you get to pull out the "telescope" (stethoscope), a tissue to wipe his nose (which makes the light/nose turn off). He also  nibbles on a bone, sucks from a bottles, gives a sigh of relief when you give him a shot, you can write prescriptions, etc... He is super soft and super cute. Can you tell Sienna is in love?  Oh, and she named him Sonny, after the dog I had growing up.  Oh wait, I've been calling it a "him". She told me she needed to name it a girl name like "Sunny".  Little does she know "Sonny" was a boy!  Oh well!
 Too bad this girl isn't spoiled. She's got three single aunt/uncles and she and Luke are the only Grandkids in Utah, so she gets spoiled rotten.  Check out all her loot! 

It's funny, for being such a non-cuddly baby, this little girl has turned into such a little cuddle bug.  She loves giving hugs and snuggling!

Oh, one more thing I don't want to forget. On Christmas Eve Sienna finally started to get really excited about Santa, so she could not go to sleep quickly enough. She typically she wants us to lay with her and bargains for just "4 more minutes" and "1 more story" or "I'm thirsty" (like all kids do, just trying to delay the inevitable).  Not this night.  Dan tucked her in and she promptly said, "Can you please get out of my room now, so Santa will come?"  Then I went to kiss her goodnight and she said the same thing to me.  This is the first year Sienna has really understood or been excited about Santa, so I had forgotten to set out cookies for Santa, etc... So when I tucked her in, I asked her if I should set out some treats for Santa. She got all excited and said yes, and that I should set out some cookies and milk for Santa. And then she followed it up with "and some ham."  Ham? I was laughing so hard and said, "Ham? We should leave Santa some ham?" And she said, "ya, in case the reindeer get hungry, too."  So, apparently, reindeer just love ham.  After all these years, how could I not have known this?

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deb said...

Oh my... that story about Sienna on Christmas Eve, kicking you out of her room and requesting ham for the reindeer. Hilarious! She is such a big, cute girl, and that Luke is just so handsome.

Well done Holly! You have officially redeemed yourself from your blog slacking. And I don't feel bad for guilting you into it-- it was totally worth it. :)