Nov 14, 2011

Luke is 4 1/2 months old!

Guess who rolled over today?  Yep. Luke is 4 1/2 month old now. Time flies, huh? He is such a mellow, happy baby. Well, most of the time. He definitely has his moments where he tests out his lungs to make sure they work well.  Generally speaking, he is a very happy, easy going baby. He sleeps through the night and most mornings I find him laying in his crib, cooing and smiling up at me. 

He does have some eczema, which is no fun. He is usually covered with scratch marks, since his skin is so itchy. We've started covering him head-to-toe with aquaphor and then covering his red spots/the areas that itch with some mild cortisone cream, which has done a world of good for him.  I just can't seem to keep his finger nails short enough!  He still manages to find some little corner that he can gouge his face with.  Poor little guy.

As you can see, he has turned into quite the little thumb sucker. We have tried to turn him onto the binkie, but he's just not nearly as much of a fan as he is with his thumb. I have to admit, it's super cute and super convenient. I just know I won't feel the same when he's 5 years old (which was me!).  He loves this play mat. Seriously it's like Disneyland for the kid.  He gets all tuckered out from playing so hard. 
Sienna is three years old and the best sister in the world. She couldn't love this kid more. Anytime he is around she's climbing all around him, loving, hugging, holding, practically suffocating the poor little guy. She's hilarious. We need to get more of it on video. She'll get right in his face, so intensely, and say "Hi, little guy.  Hi there, little Lukey, mookey, little boo, boo, my goo, goo."  So, now she calls him her "Goo Goo" and says to him, "You're so cutie." 

I find it so interesting that Sienna did great for the first 2 months, but then the last couple of months she has really struggled. Anytime I'm feeding Luke she wants to sit on my lap, or wants me to hold her. She will stand in the doorway of her room, completely melting down, saying that her legs don't work.  I try to be patient and show her lots of love, since I know her world has gotten completely rocked, but, man, it's tough. She really tries my patience these days.  She adores Dan.  She can't get enough of him, totally prefers him to me.  I'll be honest, there are times when it's super convenient, but most of the time it's just annoying.  You just can't take it personally, but sometimes it's just frustrating when you think of the fact that you were the one who suffered through the pregnancy, gave birth to them, watch them all day, every day and care for all their needs, and then you're really just chopped liver.  But then there are moments where she is the sweetest thing ever, and turn to me and say, "Mom, I just love you so much." or "Mom, you're so pretty." 

She says the funniest things.  She knows I hate Max and Ruby, so she'll always ask me, "Mom, do you like Max and Ruby?" and I'll say no. The other day she asked me and then said, "Well, dad does. A little bit."  Then she's laying on the couch and says, "Mom, Ruby has lots of great ideas."  I don't know what she's talking about, since I think it's the least creative, most boring cartoon out there.

The other day Dan was shaving and asked her if she liked his goatie and she said, "Nope. It has too much texture."  What 3 year old says something like that? The girl cracks us up!"

"Mom, see? That is what my tummy likes...when I eat french fries, it makes me healthy and strong." Hm...not sure where she heard that french fries makes you healthy...

For over a month we've had this Sleeping Beauty princess dress and shoes picked out for Sienna's halloween costume, then a few days before Halloween she told me she wanted to be a superhero princess. Sweet.  And I could be a rainbow and Luke could be a little cloud.  Oh, and Dan could be a superhero like her and grandma could be a butterfly.  You gotta give it to her for creativity!  Luckily my neighbor saved the day and let us borrow her Supergirl costume, which was super cute. And, no, I was not a rainbow.

She is still quite the little hoarder and carries around bags, purses and buckets filled with anything and everything she can pack into them.  She also loves her stuffed animals. Dan's parents gaver her one of their stuffed animals to look after while they are on their mission. She loves her black doggie "Cola". 

We started a joy school with a few friends in the neighborhood and she loves going to "school" and thinks she is such a big girl. She loves, loves, loves books and really likes to learn. I hope she always has a love for learning.

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Deanne Dixon said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I really want to keep up with the children's development. Luke was such a little baby when we left. He is going to change the most! Sienna is doing such adorable things. Ahhh, three! The age of Parent Manipulation, in my book. But this is a wonderful age because she is figuring out what makes Mommy and Daddy tick (or pushes their buttons!) Now THAT is quite an amazing accomplishment, don't you think?