Oct 5, 2010

We got a puppy!

She is adorable, a little, yappy, hyper thing.  Her name is Sienna.  Seriously, this child is obsessed with puppies right now.  She crawls around all day, barking and panting, begging for food, wanting me to pet her.  When she is with friends they take long necklaces and put them around each others necks as a leash.  I love this stage.  One minute she is a princess, a puppy the next.  Definitely a phase I don't want to forget. :)


Racie said...

We actually do have a puppy. 6 months old. If you want, you can watch him for a day, and that might change her mind about a puppy. :) -- Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my puppy, but I forgot what hard work they are. :)

Annika said...

So cute Holly, she really is darling! You need to have another one!