Oct 18, 2010

Happy Birfday Aunt Nally!

Happy Birthday, to my favorite (and only!) sister Janelle.  She turned 27 on Oct 7th, 2010.  We decided to take advantage of the great fall weather and head up the canyon with the fam for some dutch oven birthday fun.  We had yummy dutch-oven enchiladas, corn bread and chocolate cherry cake. Everything was soooo good. Why is it that anything you dutch oven or cook over the fire tastes so great?!  It was great weather and we had a fun time with the fam.  Sienna is so spoiled to have an aunt and 2 uncles who aren't married (and don't have kids of their own) so she just gets super spoiled and lots of TLC.
Janelle is 5 1/2 years younger than me, so when we were younger, she was the annoying little sister who followed me around and wanted to wear my clothes.  Let's just say I wasn't always the kindest older sister.  I love that now that we're older, we are super close.  She's not only a great sister, but a great friend and the best aunt in the world.  There's no one quite like Janelle--she's beautiful, driven and ambitious, spiritual, a little (lot) high-maintenance and has a whole lot of sass.  She keeps things lively in the Hanson household.  We love you, Nelly!

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