May 7, 2010

So funny!

We went to Thanksgiving Point with some friends for little (actually no-so-little, he has the cutest chunky thighs you've ever seen) Hudson's 1st birthday party.  After seeing all the animals, riding ponies, etc...the kids all settled down to eat birthday cupcakes.  Sienna and some friends were at a little plastic table, as you can see from the picture below.  Wait, where is Sienna? Well, her little buddy Boston was kind enough to push her off the seat.  Look closely and you can just see her little feet up in the air.  Such a perfect shot!  I love the looks on the other kid's faces.  So classic!


Carolyn Hanson said...

Oh my gosh, Holly, that is freaking hilarious. Classic!

P.S. Thanks for posting pics of the house! Finally! I love them.

deb said...

hahaha, that is SO funny!

Baltzer Family said...

So funny! I was cracking up when I saw the picture of Dan getting Sienna ready I can so relate but you have it worse because of the hair issue as well! Love it. Also your house is awesome. We will need to some visit.