Nov 29, 2009

Need your help

Dear friends and family,
We need your help. Our neighbor and friend Rafe is battling cancer. He is an incredibly good man, with an amazing wife and three beautiful little boys. Rafe's cancer has spread to multiple organs, including his brain. He has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and most recently, a surgery to remove a large tumor from his brain. During the surgery the surgeon found two more tumors. They are planning on doing radiation again to his head, in an attempt to shrink the tumors. You can imagine the financial strain that this has placed on their young family.

Their family has been very private in their struggle and have had a difficult time asking for help from others. They are independent and humble, yet gracious and kind, the type of people who would do anything for anyone. Although this will remain anonymous, many of Rafe's friends and neighbors have been rallying together to show Rafe that we love and support him and his family at this time. In order to help alleviate some of the burden associated with the extraordinary medical expenses we are conducting an online auction. Any support you are able to give will be put to great use and much appreciated. The online auction will begin on December 7th and will end on December 14th at 5:00 p.m. Please check out the blog for more info at about the auction.

Dan and I have decided to forgo neighbor Christmas gifts this year and will make a donation (via paypal on their blog to their family instead. There are many ways that you could help make a huge difference to this family. You could forgo neighbor gifts as well, and write a note or card to friends letting them know that you made a donation in their name to a family in need. OR if you have a special skill, talent or product that you could donate for the online auction, please do so. Here are some ideas just to get you, haircolor/cuts, photography, timeshare/condo stay, free tax service, clothing, products, massages, discounted services, gift certificates, Jazz or BYU tickets, hair products, body lotions, home decor, quilts/sewing, handmade items (i.e. cards, aprons, purses, hair accessories), tutoring, video games, piano or guitar lessons, party planning, graphic design, invitations, baby products (nursing covers, slings, hairbows, beanies, clothing), etc...(By the way, if you received this it's because I believe you have talents and skills!). No donation is too small. Also, if you know someone who might have something they could donate, please forward this email to them. Or simply post a blog or facebook message with the blog website and encourage people to donate raffle items or to bid on items. Once again, the online auction will begin on December 7th, so mark your calendars and check the blog on that day to see the list of items up for bid. The auction will end December 14th at 5:00 p.m. Even if you aren't able to donate, please spread the word about the online auction!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I can't imagine how difficult the past year has been for this family (and even more difficult during the holidays). I hope that we can all pull together to make things just a little easier and to provide some hope for this incredible family. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have anything you would like to donate. In order to make things easier, I'd be happy to coordinate on your behalf. Thank you!

All the best,
Holly & Dan Dixon


MaryClaire said...

THANK YOU for doing this! I'm about to post a link on my blog, and I'm trying to think of what I can donate (man I wish I had more skillz), I love the idea of forgoing neighbor gifts and donating to them, and I wonder if we could influence all of our neighbors to do the same. I've been trying to give them the privacy and family time the desire and deserve, but I've still wanted to do something for them...thank you for thinking of this.

seriously, if you guys need any more help with it all, please let me know.

Oozaroo said...

I read your blog today for the first time when I clicked on Next Blog just to see what comes after mine. I'd like to contribute a pair of handknit socks to the auction, if you think anyone would be interested. Please let me know what you think.

-Audrey in Freeport, IL

Oozaroo said...

I read your blog for the first time today when I clicked Next Blog, just to see what came after mine. I'd like to offer a pair of handknit socks for your auction, if you think anyone would be interested. Please let me know.

-Audrey in Freeport, IL

Jadie said...

I'd love to help out any way I can. I'll try to keep posted via your blog.