Aug 29, 2009

Happy birthday Roberto & Buford!

We had a birthday party for Rob & Brad a couple of weeks ago. Jeff & Carolyn were in town with their boys, so we actually had the entire Hanson family there. We had a BBQ at our house and had a great time. Dan made an amazing honey glazed garlic tri-tip steak that was so tasty, then we made shrimp skewers that also had a honey glaze on them. I made a yummy buffalo chicken dip that I got from gourmet club that was a huge hit. I'll have to post the recipe later. We made corn on the cob and my brother jeff added apple cider vinegar and sugar to the water which made the corn sweet and delicous. I forgot to take pictures from the dinner, but we have some of the rest of the evening. The rest of the kids gave Rob & Brad snuggies, which they proudly wore. FYI, no, Sienna isn't walking yet, but she loves to cruise around the furniture, climb stairs and walk with people helping her.

Rob & Brad with our cute nephews Carter & Tommie

Nelly, Jeff & Carolyn

Love that face!!!

Thanks, Rob! (Lookin' really good, by the way!) Much better!


Troy * Molly * Braden * Camiron said...

it all looks like so much fun. and sienna is looking darling as ever. happy 1st to her!! can you believe she is one already. and can you send me one of those stuffed strawberries- umm yum!


So, I guess I forgot to come to the party, huh! Mamacita