Aug 7, 2009

Camelot in Logan

My mom and aunt planned a little girl's night out last night and got tickets to see Camelot in Logan. My sister Janelle ended up going out of town, so we took one of my good friends Christy with us instead. We met up with my aunt Pat & cousin Jaime at the Iron Grill (?) for dinner (which was delish!) and then headed out over to the Ellen Eccles Theater to see the show. It was a really good show. To be honest, I didn't even really know the story. It's a good one, though. (My mom felt like a failure since I didn't know the story, since she said it's always been one of her favorites).

Funny story...Well, before the show people walked in the side entrance and everyone started standing up. Christy leans over to me and says "I ain't standin' for no one until AFTER the show. They have to earn it!" (Thinking it was a cast member people were standing for). Well, it turns out it was President Monson! (And yes, we did stand). We were crying we were laughing so hard. It was really neat to see him there. I guess he has always been a great supporter of the company and Camelot is supposedly one of his favorite shows (one of many favorites, I'm sure). They announced him as a special guest of honor and thanked him for all his support. He waved and smiled at everyone and was really sweet, taking time to talk to everyone around him. He was sitting pretty close to us. I tried to take a picture, but the lighting wasn't great. You can tell that it's him, but it's not a good picture. Oh, well...LOVE that man! Anyway, thanks mom for a fun girl's night out!
My hot mama! (and me with crazy eyes!)
My mom & my aunt Pat
Cousin Jaime, me & Christy
President Thomas S. Monson
Here's a better picture!

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The Ratchford Family said...

Me and my girlfriends from Logan all went to that show. Our friend Vanessa was the lead. I was really impressed with the show. The scary evil son is Vanessa new husband. We got to meet him in all his makeup. He was embarrassed it was pretty funny.