Jul 13, 2009

Sienna at 11-months-old

I love it when she gives the stink eye. So cute.

I thought I'd post a little update on what's new with Sienna.
  • Well, my little one is now 11 months old and has yet to crawl. She is so funny. She does the reverse army crawl, but just hasn't figured out how to get into drive. Actually, she seems to know how, she just doesn't want to. She'll crawl forward just a little and then just swing her legs around and sit on her bum. She just can't be bothered. Personally, I think she's just thinking that she's really cute (and gets lots of attention) when she waves, so she'll just stick with the waving, since it's so much easier! I don't really mind that she's not crawling, it sure makes things easier! It'll come soon enough. And she gets plenty of coverage just with scooting, rolling and sliding, so I'm nervous to see how she'll move once she does get going with the crawling & walking. Right now she loves to stand against the coffee table, the sofa, my lap...and her legs are pretty steady.

  • Sienna has been such an easy baby so far (Yes, I am aware that I may be in for a real surprise with my next kid. "What?! Babies don't all sleep through the night at 6 weeks?!), but I will tell you that she has definitely got some spunk. We're just beginning to get a taste of her personality. I'm a bit nervous, we have a fiesty little one on our hands! She goes from 0-10 in no time at all. She has always been so easy to lay down, but now she's starting to fuss/scream/fight, she even throws her back into it. It's actually quite entertaining. Luckily she calms down pretty quickly, but I think we might be in for some fun times ahead with this strong little personality. I hate to admit it, but I was not a fun toddler. I was a major tantrum thrower. Payback's a B*#%! My friend Lara has a spunky little girl who has a "very strong personality" and she said that she likes to think positive by telling herself that Heavenly Father needs very strong spirits at this time, so if we just channel it in the right direction, it can be a good thing. I liked that thought.

  • What else? Well, Sienna is such a friendly baby. She will go to anyone and loves to smile and laugh. There is nothing better than hearing her giggle. LOVE IT!

  • Sienna is such a water baby. She LOVES water. Bathtime, pools, and Lake Powell are some of her favorite places to be, since splashing is her favorite thing to do!

  • Other favorite past times include: clapping, giving high fives, getting thrown around by her dad, her exersaucer, ripping/eating newspapers, magazines/playing with anything she isn't suppose to, unloading the diaper bag, and anything but having her diapers changed.

  • She loves, loves, loves fruit--especially watermelon. She loves trying new foods and so far will eat just about anything. I'm sure those days are soon coming to an end, but I'll take it while I can get it! (And yes, her diapers now smell horrible now! Now I know what all of you meant when you talked about how "newborn diapers smell so good".)

  • Sienna adores her cousins. My sister-in-law Liz watches her on Wednesdays and her kids are so great with Sienna. Her face just lights up like a Christmas tree when she sees her cousin Claire (who is 11 and will be/already is a stellar babysitter!). She still gets spoiled rotten by her grandparents and aunts and uncles. My niece Taylor told me today that she thinks the reason Sienna can't crawl is because people are ALWAYS holding her.

  • I think the days of 3 naps are over. I know those of you with several kids are envious that she took 3 naps for this long, but when you have just 1 kid you can just make the naps happen more often/frequently since you don't have other rugrats to worry about. She used to be an early riser, waking up around 6ish, but lately she's been sleeping in until after 8:00 a.m. (which is great, but I think is part of why her nap schedule has been a little crazy). I am learning that just as soon as you think you have these kids figured out, they throw you a curve ball.

  • I think the days of actually feeling the spirit and learning something at church may also be gone. The past couple of weeks of church have made me realize just how priceless nursury is. I'm already counting down the days...just 196 more days to go...

  • Still can't live without her binky, which I have to say I love. (Ask me that in a couple years and I might have a different response)

  • Can't get enough of her "lovey". The second it touches her face, her eyes just begin to flutter and roll back. My brother Rob has one Sienna's loveys and is holding it random. I'm a little nervous that our back up lovey is all the way in Sugarhouse. She acts like it's her best friend. She just gets so excited (and kicks those little legs so hard) when it gets near her.

  • Current nicknames include; sugar, boogers, Sien, Seenenna, nosy bear, lovey, polar bear (Dan came up with the polar bear--kind of a combo of the nosy bear, since she is insanely nosy and has to know/see everything that's going on AND bipolar baby, since she goes from 0-10 in no time!), baby girl and chica chica. I'm sure there's more...

  • She should be around 18 pounds or so by now. At her last MD appointment, I think she was in the 20th percentile for weight and the 50th for height. Basically what I'm saying is that she is still a light-weight. We're totally trying to chunk this kid up. She's "long and lean" the doctor says...wish he's say the same thing about her mom! Sigh...If only! I'm just glad that she had cute chubby cheeks and some chub on her thighs. Sienna, enjoy is while you still can, girl!

  • So, that, my friends is Sienna (at 11 months old) in a nutshell. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I am so grateful to have such an amazing, beautiful, happy baby girl. She gives me more joy than I could ever imagine. It's amazing to even think of what life was like before she came along. (I think Dan kinda likes her too!) My cup definitely runneth over...


Jadie said...

I CANNOT wait to meet her in August! You guys had better not come w/o her!!

Baltzer Family said...

Fun I am glad you guys are coming down you will have to keep us posted. Sienna is so cute and such a good little girl. Micah better marry her she is such a keeper!

Katie Hatch said...

Seriously, time flies! I can't believe she's almost a year old. What a cutie!

Debi said...

Is she still going to be this adorable when I meet her in August? What if she's not?? I don't know what I'll do. ;)

Can't wait!!