Jul 11, 2009

I LOVE this place!

One of my favorite family trips is our annual Hanson Family Lake Powell trip. Unfortunately it was just a few of us who were able to go this year, but we still had a lot of fun (though we missed Jeff, Carolyn, Tommy, Carter, Janelle & Brad). We had one day that wasn't the best weather, but overall it was a great trip (and the best weather we've had at Lake Powell in years!) I love that at 10 months, this was Sienna's 3rd trip (I guess 4th if you count when I was 8 months pregnant with her!). She loved it. She is such a water baby, so she just loved being able to splash around. Just before we left I took her to the doctor and she had an ear infection in one and the other eardrum had burst, so I was a little worried about how she would do on the trip. She was definitely a champ, and was really good. We just had to be careful with her in the water and make sure she didn't get her ears wet. I have some really cute pictures of her in the floaty uncle Rob bought her, and video of her splashing, but they are on the video camera and my mom's camera, so I'll have to post them later.

By the way, how in the world do you know if your baby has an ear infection if they don't have a fever, are still eating well, sleeping well, and are happy as can be. The only clue I had was the one day her ear got all nasty crusty, and she was pulling on the other ear, which is the day I took her to the MD. And by then they were awful! So frustrating! (And you walk out of the doctor's office feeling like the world's worst parent!).

Anyway, back to Lake Powell...We ate great food, slept in, read, took naps, wakeboarded, explored the canyons, went to church at the little Ticaboo branch, celebrated father's day, played games (looper and speed scrabble were the favorites this trip) and just relaxed. Sienna was the only baby, so she got spoiled (as usual)....which means Dan and I also got spoiled! The seconds my mom and dad heard Sienna squawking they would come into our room and take her. Needless to say, we loved sleeping in! My parents are always so generous and put so much time and effort into making our trips to Lake Powell so great! Thanks, mom & dad! You are the best!

Happy Father's Day to me! (That's what my dad's would sing quietly to himself, as though he was totally forgotten about!) "Oh, a new scrabble game and dictionary!? Just what I didn't want!" (that's my dad's favorite saying) It is quite the ironic gift, since he's not much of a gamer, but my mom thought she was pretty funny! No worries, the rest of us put it to good use! I think we even got him to play a couple of rounds, which is better than he usually does!
Mom playing speed scrabble. This game is addicting!
My dad would take Sienna for a walk with him every morning. So cute!
Me and my madre!
The flag boy
Sienna's favorite pasttime (unloading the entire diaper bag). But, hey, it keeps her entertained, right!?

sI love Lake Powell sunsets. And there is nothing better than laying on top of the houseboat stargazing on a clear Lake Powell night.
Sienna and her daddy. Dan just adores this girl. (Can you tell?) Who wouldn't!?

Brats have become a new family favorite
Hey, Rob, would you like some cake with your whip cream!?
Dan concentrating on suduko.

Uncle Rob. He is so cute with her (always kissing the top of her head and snuggling with her!)

I love the red rock. This place is AMAZING!


Suburban Heretic said...

That looks so fun, I am so sad my family doesn't have a boat anymore. My kids have never been to Powell. I keep trying to talk Cory into a boat, he won't do it because "if we want to be rich, we need to delay pleasure". You know what I say? BORING!!! Jk, love you Cory!

The Olsons said...

Looks like so much fun. Just taking it easy out on the Lake. Enjoying time with family and playing games. I need a vacation, can you tell. We leave tomorrow for Bear Lake for the week. That little Sienna is sooo cute! I bet she gets so spoiled.

Jadie said...

I miss playing speed scrabble with you guys! Looove these pix of Sienna! What a beauty!

***** said...

I am so jealous seeing these photos and remembering the amazing star gazing, continual snacking and great hikes of LP. Miss you all tons. Love seeing that baby girl. Loves.

Katie Hatch said...

I love that first picture. BEAUTIFUL! Miss you!