Jun 11, 2009

Park City with the girlies!

My old roommate Chelsey was in town, so we decided to spend the weekend in Park City for a little girls weekend. We stayed at the Park City Resort Marriott and had a great time. We ate amazing food, slept in, stayed up late, enjoyed the hot tub, and shopped, of course! We had planned on chilling by the pool, reading smut magazines, but the weather (of course!) did not cooperate. It wasn't too bad, but just not laying out weather. Friday night we ate at a fantastic restaurant called Wahso, which is on Park City's main street. Kinda pricey, but super tasty and totally worth it. The whole experience was great--great service, great food, great ambiance. And we laughed...alot...like little girls (especially when we fought--and laughed until we cried--over who had to hand the 1/2 off coupons to the waiter at the fancy shmancy restaurant). Saturday morning Sarah and I went for a great run together. It was such a beautiful morning and I so enjoyed being outside and enjoying the mountain air. Mostly I just love hanging with the girls. Thanks, girls, for the much-needed time with my girls!

Here are a few favorite pics...

I don't know why we thought this was so funny, but we were dying when we saw this mannequin who had lost her drawers. Don't worry, Amber made her modest and covered her up with her big beach bag (after we took the pictures, of course!). So mature, I know!

Don't ask...
Our little booth at Wahso.

Sarah with her new "secretary" look--I love her with glasses and her new cute hair!
Sarah and I took a million of these "armpit shots" before we finally got one that was almost centered.

Sarah and Christy finding more uses for the hot wash clothes we were given to wash our hands with.

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