May 15, 2009

So what if I'm a month behind...

A hurt back. Crazy work schedule. A sick baby. Dan working a ton. Nasty head hold. Bronchitis. Traveling. "Training" for the triathlon (with a hurt back, a sick baby, being not nearly as much as I should have). The triathlon. Studying for my LCSW exam. These are all my excuses for not keeping my blog updated. It's not like I'm addicted to blogging, but since I'm using it as a type of journal, I'd love to be better at updating it. I really need to do better, particularly with important events in our lives.

Anyway, it's been about a month since my birthday weekend, so it's definitely past due! Dan and I went up to Park City for the weekend (April 25th-26th). My parents were kind enough to take Sienna for the weekend, so we were kid-free. We planned to take the road bikes and do the bike/run portion of the triathlon (which we had also planned to do the previous weekend when it POURED). Anyway, of course it snowed all day long. It was crazy. I swear the forces were completely against us with this race....but that's for another post! We stayed at the Marriott at the Park City Ski Resort. It was such a fun little get-away--definitely short, but sweet. We shopped at the outlets, ate at great restaurants, worked out (in the gym instead), sat in the hot tub, and just relaxed. I guess if you can't have good weather, then at least we could turn on a fireplace and cuddle up while it was snowing outside. It really was a beautiful snowfall--the kind with the huge flakes...but come on! It was almost May. Enough, already! Since it was in-between seasons, it really was pretty quiet, which was nice. It kind of felt like we had the city to ourselves. We had a great weekend. It was kind of a joint anniversary/my birthday celebration. I still can't believe it's been 4 years since we got married. I am grateful to have married Dan. He's a good man. He is a great friend, and not just to me. I love that he is the kind of guy who really cares about people. I am grateful that he is someone who people rely on and look up to (despite the fact that he's a Democrat!). And he is the BEST dad! Sienna just adores him. There is nothing I love more than to watch them play together. We've had lots of highs and a few hard times, but it's been an amazing 4 years. Here's to many, many more!!! LYG, Dan!

Here we are at dinner at a yummy Italian place on Main Street in Park City. It was so slow there that we took our sweet time and got great service from the waitress. She even hooked us up with a free dessert--a pizookie (which was not nearly as good as the ones from BJ's. Sniff, sniff...) The tables were covered with paper/crayons, so we took advantage and played a couple of games of MASH. I'll admit it's been awhile since I played, but it was definitely a good time. Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break) and I will be very happy, living in our shack with our 2 kids, and driving our audi TT. And Dan and Britney Spears will be very happy hauling their 7 kids around in their 15-passenger scout van. The waitress even made us do a MASH game for her. It was pretty funny. She used all the waiters and then 1 waitress, since there weren't enough guys and of course ended up with the only chick. Good times, good times. You can make fun, but admit it, you want to bust out a good game of MASH right now. I know you do.

P.S. I LOVE artichokes. LOVE them. I need to learn how to cook them. Are they hard?

Here's a few pics from my birthday dinner/party with my family. I got spoiled! My family is the best. And yes, that it a picture of my 91-year-old grandma Tink playing the Wii.


Davis Family said...

artichokes are the easiest things to cook. Just boil them for 45 minutes in a big pot of water. if you want them more like in your picture - boil them for 35 or so minutes, cut in half, coat in balsamic vinagaret (balsamic vinager, olive oil, dijon) and then throw on the bbq until you get the grill marks. use extra vinagarete for dipping.

Katie Hatch said...

Those artichokes look so good! SOrry you hurt your back and things have been so crazy. I haven't been too great at blogging these days either :(

The Olsons said...

MASH! I totally forgot about that game, but I have to admit I want to play it, I'll have to figure it out. Thanks for taking a picture of it, that helps a lot.

It looks like you guys had a blast. I'm jealous, but hopefully I'll get a fun trip this summer, I'm planning on it.

Sher said...

Well, Happy Birthday a month ago. Looks like fun. I've never played Mash, how do you play?
And sorry you've had a sick baby ,and you were sick.
Did you do the Women of Steel tri?
How did it go? I'm still working up the nerve to do a tri. I'm scared of swimming. I need to get me a coach.

Debi said...

Haha, wow... I haven't played MASH in, well... WAY too long! Looks like you had a great time!