Mar 18, 2009

A few firsts...

First time sitting up

First time eating solids. She loves her veggies!
First flight (to Long Beach, California)
First swimsuit, trip to the beach & dip in the pool (which she hated, since it was too cold)

First romantic wagon ride with her boyfriend Samson
First (of many, I'm sure) time playing in a laundry basket full of clothes
First 2 teeth, which she loves to show off (she got these babies around 6 months)


Amber said...

She is so stinkin' cute. It was so good to see you. Even if it was just for a minute. So fun.

Sher said...

So cute! I especially like the swimsuit pictures! She's so adorable!!

Debi said...

Several of these are going up on my cube wall at work. :) Could Sienna be any more adorable??